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Which is better when the rock is crushed by jaw rock crusher and

At present, the whole process of the crushing production line basically includes three main stages of coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening. In the fine crushing stage, there are many types of crushers that can be selected. But how to choose is always the trouble of the people.
 Below we mainly talk about the difference between the two in actual production:
1) The jaw crusher used in cement plant has a relatively large particle size range, generally can handle materials below 1000mm, while the cone break is relatively strict, generally requires less than 300mm (depending on the specific requirements of the product);
2) In terms of processing capacity, the concrete cone crusher far beyond the jaw crushers , generally up to 1000t/h, more than double the fine smashing;
3) On the treatment of hard materials, the compressive strength of the two is basically the same, between 300-350Mpa.
2. Overall structure From the perspective of the overall structure, the cone crusher is 1.7-2 times heavier than the fine jaw crusher of the same mine mouth size, and the fuselage is 2-3 times higher than the PE jaw crusher and the construction cost is large.
1. Processing material cone crusher is not suitable for crushing wet and sticky ore, PE jaw rock crusher can almost meet a variety of materials.
2. Feeding requirements
The cone crusher can be filled with ore, and there is no need to add a mine bin and a feed machine. The PE jaw crusher can not be filled with ore, and the ore is required to be evenly distributed. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a mine bin and a feeder, which increases the investment cost of the auxiliary equipment.


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