How to configure the AOL Email Account ?

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AOL email service is the Email service it is easy to use. The people can quickly activate it or use it. The consumer can use it on a different type of devices such as mac, windows, and many other operating systems. It also gives the AOL email security. If you want to know about the configuration of the AOL in the Mac operating system, then you can follow the steps which mentioned below this. Aol mail helps you with many processes.

  1. In the first step open the mail in your application folder.
  2. When you are mail is open then go to the file> and add the accounts.
  3. Then choose the IMAP in the windows from the account type menu.
  4. In the Email, section enters your AOL email address.
  5. Then enter continue for the AOL mail settings.
  6. After the continue to enters the in the incoming mail server.
  7. Enter the username in the Email service.
  8. After this enter the password for your email account.
  9. Then again click to the continue.
  10. When you complete the whole process than in the outgoing server enter the in the mail server.
  11. Then again check the authentication box.
  12. Fill the username of your AOL email account.
  13. Then in the next box type your password.
  14. Hit on the continue tab.
  15. After this, the process of configuration done.