How To install the Norton antivirus in Tablet?

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Norton com setup antivirus is helpful to all the user to protect their system from the viruses, malware, Spyware, and many more threats. Nowadays people use the mobile phone and tablet more than computers. So it is quite normal that if they are using the Tablet they want to protect their tablet from the bugs but the main point is that the new user doesn't know how To install the Norton antivirus in the tablet.

  1. Go to the Play store and enter
  2. Then if you have a Norton account then directly sing in either click on the sign up for creating the account for this you just have to provide your email address and password.
  3. After sign in the account taps on the option Norton installation with product key.
  4. Then Chooses which product of the Norton you want to download.
  5. tap on the Agree and Download option. On your tablet screen
  6. you see your downloaded file in the bottom of the left corner.
  7. You find the “user accounts control” windows option.
  8. Tap on the continue option.
  9. Finally, If you follow the whole process then the Norton antivirus is installed successfully in your tablet.

You can also set up the Norton antivirus with the help of with product key. It is a referral link through this would link you can easily set up the antivirus in you any device.