Secrets of Lucky Drink slot machine

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Secrets of Lucky Drink slot machine
Gatherings in the bar for many gamers have become a common entertainment for the evening. Most often, the players win gambling online Igrosoft bonus rounds. The slot has a prize tour and the opportunity to double the winnings. For the bonus game, there are several strategies for passing, guaranteeing the best rewards. In the risk round, you need to guess the card that will beat the dealer's hand.
The rules of the machine know everything, but how to cheat the slot machine Devils, guess a few. Consider the main options for obtaining a Bank. Taking bonuses in the bonus game, it's worth remembering the location of the it's All Over sign, which means the end of the round. At the next attempt it is better not to press this barrel.
The main secret of Lucky Drink slot machine
You can win the prize round of the slot after receiving three images of the devil on the display. The screen changes to show five of the barrels and starts guessing what is hiding the Grand prize. It is these adventures and attract bounty hunters. Each unlockable has a defined payout ratio.
When passing the bonus game professional gamers recommend starting with the third barrel. After receiving the prize, you should click on the fourth. Then follow the fifth, and in the final – the second and first. The scheme works in 80% of cases. A test the effectiveness of this sequence allows the demo. Slot from Igrosoft received a universal winning scheme, working on prize machines and test versions of the simulator. So, taking the bonuses of the prize round, you can proceed to doubling.
Risk-playing Lucky Drink slot machine or how to cheat the slot machine
Round doubling starts after receipt of any payment. Of course, this secret slot machine Lucky Drink knows every fan of slots. In the prize round will rely solely on intuition. As is the option to play a few options on demo and understand the basic rules of the cards.
After the start of the round before the player will open four cards, turned face down. Dealer distribution is given at the beginning. Then players need to open a card of greater value. If you choose the right bet or the previous payment is doubled. Defeat means loss of money.
By the way, even professional players who have already managed to pick up a few wins, remember the location of fortune. So that rule: won – leave uses every. Such is the capricious luck and rules of slot machines. Immediately after a big win, the losing streak begins. Of course, the rule applies in the opposite direction. However, to succumb to the temptation to merge the winnings is not worth it.
Rules of winning lucky Drink slot machine
If you do not receive prizes in several spins in a row, you need to raise the bet. Catching a bonus, you can not doubt the success. Players have long been convinced that the optimal bet to increase is 10 to 5 or 15 to 4. Another secret is the need to stop the machine every 3 or 3.5 seconds. The rhythm of running spins is sure to lead to success. Winning are 95-97% of the spins of the reels.
Well, finally, we note that playing in the version with 15 lines, it is important to press the button 15 Lines during the spin. After a couple of spins will be a combination of three barrels or girls. As an option, you may receive another prize combination.