1x2 football betting strategy

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1x2 football betting strategy
The main outcome is P1, X and P2. This type of betting is the simplest and most popular, it is the main outcome offers to put the strategy of the game 1X2, but not single bets, and multiples, even with the wrong predicted outcome of one match to stay in the black. 
According to this strategy, you need to choose three matches in which the favorites play on their field. Needless to say, the probability of the home team winning should be high. Therefore, initially it is necessary to conduct a pre-match analysis. Odds on the home win, that is the outcome of L1 should be in the range 1.70 – 2.00.
You can, in principle, make three single bets on the victory of the hosts, but there is one caveat – according to statistics, one of three such matches ends in a draw. But thanks to this strategy, this turn of events will allow you to make a profit.
To do this, we need to make four Express. The first is a draw in the first match, the victory of the first team in the second match, the victory of the first team in the third match. The second Express-P1, X, P1. The third – P1, P1, X. And the fourth Express rate – P1, P1, P1.
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Considered example. Choose three football matches in which the favorites play at home and have to win:
Southampton – Aston Villa: P1 – 1.77, X – 3.55.
Tottenham Hull City: P1 – 1.75, X – 3.75.
Torino – Chievo: P1 – 1.72, X – 3.55.
Make four Express, according to the strategy 1X2:
First Express X in Southampton – Aston Villa match, P1 in Tottenham hull city and P1 in Torino-Chievo. The total coefficient is 3.55 × 1.75 × 1.72 = 10.68.
Second Express – N1 to Southampton – Aston Villa X Tottenham Hotspur – hull city, P1 Torino – Chievo. The total coefficient is 1.77 × 3.75 × 1.72 = 11.41.
Third Express-P1 Southampton – Aston Villa, P1 Tottenham hull city, X Torino-Chievo. The total coefficient is 1.72 × 1.75 × 3.55 = 10.68.
Fourth Express P1 Southampton – Aston Villa, P1 Tottenham hull city, P1 Torino-Chievo. The total coefficient is 1.77 × 1.75 × 1.72 = 5.32.
Put on each Express one and the same amount, for example, $ 10 for each Express bet. If all the matches will be the outcome of P1, that is, the owners win, then the profit would be 10 × 5.32 – 40 = 13.2 dollars. If two matches will be P1, and one of the matches will end in a draw, the income will be even higher. Let Southampton and Tottenham win their matches and Torino and Chievo draw. It turns out that the third Express passes with a coefficient of 10.68. The profit will be 10.68 × 10 – 40 = 66.8 dollars.
Of course, if there are less than two home wins or two wins and the loss of one of the teams, the player loses $ 40. And so it is important to take seriously the choice of matches to use this strategy, not to be in the red.