How to connect canon printer to WI-FI in simply

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Connecting your Canon printer to your Wi-Fi is very easy once you follow these steps:
•          With the power button turn on your printer.
•          Click setting button
•          After that click arrow button>
•          Go to device setting
•          Click OK
•          Click arrow button > you see LAN Settings and then click OK.
•          Click arrow button > you go to wireless LAN setup and then click OK.
•          The printer will start searching for a Wi-Fi network; for now, the light will be blinking.
•          If the searching process takes too long, you can press Stop, and it’ll go to wireless LAN setup, standard setup. Press OK.
•          Click arrow button >until you find your Wi-Fi network and then click OK.
•          Enter your password for the Wi-Fi and click OK.
•          Press OK again once the screen says Connected.
This is the method of connecting your printer to Wi-Fi.