Stress Control in Educational Life.

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While studying, students gets depressed because of the load of work and examination tension. According to the dissertation writing help in Dubai, exam anxiety is fear of being evaluated. Means students gets too much depressed about the outcome of their time and effort which they put in the preparation of their exams, getting grace marks, and studying for the whole semester. In students negative thoughts are very common, negative thoughts arise from the negative thoughts to the positive ones. Students need to interrupt thinking with thought replacement like, I can do this! I will do my best! I can pass this test! They should know that life will always be worth living regardless of this exam and what others will think of them if they don’t get perfect marks, it is not his business. There are exam taking strategies to yourself in control in the examination hall, quickly survey every page of the test, re-read the instructions, regularly check time left for the rest of the paper, and pace yourself.